Area Code 781

MA, Area code 781

The History of Area Code 781

In the modern age of telecommunications, area codes play a crucial role in connecting people across vast distances. Area code 781 originated in the United States and was established as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It was created to cater to the increasing demand for telephone lines in certain areas. The initial implementation of area code 781 dates back to the late 1990s. 

Over the years, area code 781 has encountered various changes and challenges. One unique challenge has been the surge in population and the subsequent strain on the existing infrastructure. Telecommunications companies have implemented innovative solutions, including area code overlays, to meet the growing demand for telephone lines.

Among the many area codes introduced over time, area code 781 holds a particular significance due to its unique story. It serves the Boston suburbs of Massachusetts, and its establishment marked a crucial period in the region’s telecommunication history. While changes in telecommunications technology, like VOIP and digital communication platforms, have altered the landscape, traditional phone numbers with area codes like 781 still play a significant role in everyday communication.

This list comprises all the towns and cities in Massachusetts that use area code 781:

Abington, MA
Acton, MA
Arlington, MA
Avon, MA
Bedford, MA
Boston, MA
Braintree, MA
Bryantville, MA
Burlington, MA
Cambridge, MA
Canton, MA
Chelmsford, MA
Cohasset, MA
Dedham, MA
Dracut, MA
Duxbury, MA
Halifax, MA
Hanover, MA
Hanson, MA
Hingham, MA
Holbrook, MA
Hull, MA
Kingston, MA
Lexington, MA
Lincoln, MA
Littleton, MA
Lowell, MA
Lynn, MA
Lynnfield, MA
Malden, MA
Marblehead, MA
Marshfield, MA
Medford, MA
Melrose, MA
Nahant, MA
Needham, MA
Norwell, MA
Norwood, MA
Pembroke, MA
Plymouth, MA
Plympton, MA
Randolph, MA
Reading, MA
Revere, MA
Rockland, MA
Saugus, MA
Scituate, MA
Sharon, MA
Stoneham, MA
Stoughton, MA
Swampscott, MA
Tewksbury, MA
Wakefield, MA
Waltham, MA
Wellesley, MA
Westwood, MA
Weymouth, MA
Whitman, MA
Winchester, MA
Woburn, MA

781 Area Code FAQs

Q: What area code is 781?

A: Area code 781 is a telephone area code for the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), serving the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

Q: When the 781 area code was created?

A: The 781 area code was created on September 1, 1997.

Q: Where is area code 781?

A: Area code 781 covers the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. It includes larger towns and cities such as Waltham, Medford, Lynn, Burlington, Lexington, Melrose, Wakefield, and Norwood. Some parts of Boston’s outer neighborhoods, such as West Roxbury and parts of Roslindale, are also served by 781.

Q: Who needs to dial 1 before the 781 area code?

A: In most instances within the United States, the prefix “1” is only needed for long-distance calls and is not necessary for local calls within the same area code.

Q: Why are area codes like 781 important?

A: Area codes like 781 are important because they provide a structured system for routing calls within a specific geographic region. They allow for the efficient allocation of phone numbers, ensuring each telephone line has a unique identifier.

Q: Is Area Code 781 overlaid with another area code?

A: Yes, Area Code 781 is overlaid with Area Code 339. It means they cover the same geographic area.

Q: What other area codes are nearby area code 781?

A: Nearby area codes to 781 in Massachusetts include 617, 857 (both serve Boston), 978, and 351 (both cover northeastern Massachusetts).

Q: Can I obtain a phone number with Area Code 781?

A: Yes, obtaining a phone number with Area Code 781 is possible.

Q: What is the population of the area covered by area code 781?

A: Area code 781 covers several suburban areas and smaller towns around Boston, Massachusetts. Therefore, the population within the geographical boundaries of area code 781 could potentially number in the hundreds of thousands. Boston is one of the region’s major cities, with a population of 675,647.

Q: What is the timezone for Area Code 781?

A: The timezone for Area Code 781 is Eastern Time Zone (ET), which includes Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), depending on the time of the year.

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